Jam Central - This is where those live jam sessions can be posted.

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Worlds Greatest Jam Sessions

In today's world there is an unlimited supply of music to get started and learn that instrument.  One of the best ways of learning to play is to first "Listen" to the music.  Then "Feel" the music.  And finally "Expand" the content with your own creativity.  


Be open when you first begin your process of determining your style.  You may surprise yourself and be inclined to styles that you have never even heard before.

Try to catch the root note of the piece you are experimenting with,  This will help you to tune your instrument which makes a difference of about 100%.  If your not in tune, you will rarely get the right feel.

Several examples are listed here to give you some basic music without lyrics to help you catch the rhythm and feel.   

Powering Up

The Unknown

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A spontaneous jam session with a soaring guitar, symphonic keyboard and bone crushing drums.

Expected release: September 24, 2018

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Jam Central Blog  

We love the idea of a place to share live recordings that may not be the traditional publisher style.  Some of the best jam sessions we had were live off the floor(often 1 mic) and unscripted.  We would just go and see where the music took us.  Sometimes it would start in the early evening and wrap up in the early morning the next day.  The material wasn't always CD quality but the musical content was incredible.  This is why we created this forum....to have a place to showcase "live off the floor" and improvised types of recordings.

Jam Sessions by Featured Artists

Movie Sound Tracks - A little bit different!